Dr. Aileen J. Watts   

EdD  Human and Organizational Learning     (June 2010)        
The George Washington University, Washington D.C.
Graduate School of Education and Human Development

MA  Curriculum and Instruction: Bilingual Special Education    (July 2003)        
The George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
Graduate School of Education and Human Development

BS  Elementary Education    (November 1996)
Southern Utah University, Cedar City, UT
Minors: Spanish and Fine Arts  



Assistant Professor        
Arkansas Tech University - Russellville, AR
(June 2013 - Present)

Currently working as an Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction
teaching graduate and undergraduate courses, doing field
supervision  and engaging in a variety of professional experiences:


Education Consultant - Curriculum and Pedagogy       Second Language Testing, Inc (SLTI) -  Rockville, MD and Miami, FL
(April 2012 - Present)

Worked as an education consultant with SLTI  to create a language revitalization program for the Miccosukee Tribal school in Miami,
Florida for the 2012-2013 school year

  • Collaborated with a team of Miccosukee tribal leaders, school administrators, teachers and fellow SLTI colleagues to develop
    Language Arts standards and assessments for the revitalization program
  • Developed grade level curriculum maps based on the Miccosukee language arts standards
  • Provided teaching training on various topics related to working with second language students

Education Consultant – Praxis II Special Education Pedagogy          Windward School District  - Honolulu, HI
(Feb & April 2011)

Provided licensed teachers from a variety of education settings (elem/secondary inclusive classrooms, self-contained, detention
centers) training in Special Education pedagogy in preparation for taking their Praxis II exams.


Assistant Professor            Brigham Young University - Hawaii  - Laie, Hawaii
(July 2010 - July 2011)

Worked as an Assistant Professor for BYU-Hawaii teaching various education courses as well as supervising student teachers and
working in a variety of other professional capacities.

  • Created content related courses for wide range of culturally, linguistically, and socioeconomically diverse students(Hong
    Kong, Australia, Fiji, Korea, Canada, Samoa, U.S., etc).
  • Collaborated with internal (BYUH faculty and Supervising Coordinator) and external stake-holders (school administrators and
    teachers) to evaluate, support, and improve student progress
  • Integrated technology in various ways (instructional tool, communication medium, evaluation system, academic
    accommodation, etc)
  • Participated in departmental interview and applicant acceptance process
  • Collaborated with professors from other departments (science, art, business) to provide feedback on their course work and
    instructional delivery methodology.
  • Worked with the BYUH School of Education Special Education Program Director to evaluate and align the special education
    courses with the upcoming NCATE accreditation process
  • Served as a resource for the School of Education regarding current  inclusionary practice for diverse students and related
    accountability systems (UDL/RTI)
  • Helped develop training materials and other supervisory materials used with student teachers
  • Advised and mentored students in both their academic studies and in their pre-service field placements
  • Collaborated to enhance the department's field placement programs consistency, clarity, communication and accountability.
  • Developed a resource library for elementary and special education students to utilize at the university in their course work and
    with their own students in their various field placements.
  • Participated in multiple team-taught student teaching courses for pre-service field service placements (EDU 491 A, 491 B,
    492 & 493).

Adjunct Professor                  The George Washington University   -  Washington DC       
(Aug 2004 – May 2007)

Developed and taught a variety of courses for MEd students (Both Elementary and Secondary students)

  • TRED 208:  Development and Diversity
  • TRED 207:  Teaching and Learning II (Models of Teaching)
  • TRED 234:  Professional Internship in Secondary Education
  • TRED 276: Academic and Psychosocial Assessment of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students

Syllabi samples
Description of GWU courses

Project Director                 The George Washington University -  Washington, DC
(Sept 2005 – May 2006)

Managed the
Fairfax Transition to Teaching Partnership (FTT), a year long clinical teacher preparation partnership between Fairfax
County Public Schools (middle and high schools) and George Washington University coordinating issues related to preparing 20+
individuals transitioning from other professions to become highly qualified secondary education teachers:

  • Developed curriculum and taught internship course (TRED 234), and other content related courses (TRED 207 and TRED
    208) effectively facilitating the connections between theory and practice for the 20+ students in the cohort
  • Coordinated support services for graduate students in their various year-long internship placements
  • Collaborated with GWU faculty and university supervisors and FCPS county and school administrators and teachers to
    measure, evaluate and support student progress
  • Provided training and support to university supervisors assigned to student interns as well as their cooperating teachers and
  • Managed partnership's budget and grant related documentation
  • Collaborated as an active member on the  University's Secondary Education Committee exploring various issues impacting
    the department and various solutions to address them
  • Helped coordinate the department's NCATE accreditation process
  • Conducted regular school site visits providing instructional support and guidance to student interns, cooperating teachers and
    school administrators throughout the year-long clinical internship placement.
  • Coordinated new student recruiting sessions
  • Participated in the department's monthly interview and applicant acceptance process

University Clinical Supervisor            The George Washington University - Washington DC      
(Sept 2003 – June 2006)

Supervised pre-service secondary, middle and elementary teachers in a variety of schools and in a range of endorsement areas
(ESOL, English, SPED, etc) for The George Washington University overseen by it’s
Office of Laboratory Experiences.

  • Acted as a liaison between the GWU and the various internship placement schools (e.g.: Bailey Elem, Poe MS, McLean HS,
    Woodson HS, Saudi Academy K-12)
  • Conducted orientation meetings with the assistant principals, department chairs and cooperating teachers.
  • Visited interns on a regular basis, reviewed their daily and long-range plans; assisted in the improvement of their instructional
    skills through frequent observations and conferences (Praxis III)
  • Provided efolio support and feedback
  • Completed mid-year and final-evaluations reports, assessing the interns strengths and areas for future growth.
  • Provided letters of recommendation for teaching applications.

Research Associate              The George Washington University  -  Washington DC  
(Sept 03 – Sept 05 & May 06 – July 07, evenings/weekends)

Coordinated the internal processes, progress and documentation for The Fairfax Transition to Teaching Cohort:

  • Participated in the planning, design and implementation involved in supporting and advancing the goals and objectives of the
    partnership (recruiting, course analysis and improvement, communication infrastructures, professional development
    workshops, record keeping, etc)
  • Developed online resources for academic, professional and social networking for student, teachers, administrators and faculty
  • Communicated with related stake-holders involved with the grant (ie: faculty, school district, university supervisors, students)
  • Developed curriculum and co-taught graduate courses
  • Maintained a graduate student database for reporting: enrollment trends, service hours rendered, supervisory observation
    records, new applicant information, and internship placement contact information
  • Generated quarterly financial records for stipends and tuition awards

Distant Course Instructor/Mentor     The George Washington University - Washington DC                
(Fall 2005)

Provided feedback and guidance for in-service teachers participating in TRED 309, a new on-line course that was piloted Fall
semester with 25+ educators from a variety of private elementary and secondary schools in the Rockville, Maryland area. Feedback
was provided through blackboard discussions as well as four, face-to-face class sessions held over the course of the semester
(Both elementary and secondary students were in this course). Lead course instructor was Dr. Patricia Tate.

Graduate Teaching Assistant             The George Washington University  -  Washington DC     
(Sept 2004 - August 2005)

Worked as a teaching assistant for a variety of professors during my doctoral studies  

  • TRED 207: Teaching and Learning II (Dr. Janet Schiavonni)
  • TRED 227 Teaching Reading and Writing to ELL Students (Dr. Jill Robbins)
  • TRED 251: Second Language Instruction (Dr. Anna Chamot)
  • TRED 234: Professional Internship in Secondary Education (Anita Ramsey, ABD)
  • SPED 220:  Federal Policy Institute course: Emphasis on ELL Students (Dr. Carol Kochhar and Dr. Robert Ianacone)     


Classroom Teacher   
                     Fairfax County,  Salt Lake City  &  Jordan Public Schools      
(February 1997 – June 2009)

Sixth Grade  (Language Arts block instructor)                                              
Halley Elementary, Fairfax Station, VA                         
(August 2008 - June 2009)

Sixth Grade (Compacted Math instructor)                                                
Halley Elementary, Fairfax Station, VA                         
(August 2007 - June 2008)

Sixth Grade  (Advanced Math instructor)                                       
Halley Elementary, Fairfax Station, VA                         
(August 2006 - June 2007)

First Grade (Sheltered Classroom)                              
Rose Park Elementary, SLC, UT                                
(July 2000 -June 2001)

First Grade (Sheltered Classroom)                              
Rose Park Elementary, SLC, UT                                
(July 1999-June 2001)

First Grade (Sheltered)                                              
Jackson Elementary, SLC, UT                                    
(Aug 1997-June 1998)

Sixth Grade (Language Arts/Spanish block instructor)                 
Monte Vista Elem, South Jordan, UT                          
(Feb 1997-July 1997)        


Instructional Specialist           Fairfax County  &  Salt Lake City Public School        
(Aug 1998 – June 2005)        

ESOL Specialist (K-6)                       
Halley Elementary, Fairfax Station, VA (PBIS School)                 
(Aug 2004-June 2005)

Reading Specialist                             
Lowell Elementary, SLC, UT  (GT School)                                      
(Dec 2001-June 2002)

ESOL Specialist (K-3)                            
Jackson Elementary, SLC, UT (Title 1 School)                                   
(Aug 1998-June 1999)

Interim Employment

Fifth Grade                  Franklin Elementary, Salt Lake City, UT                      Spring 2001
First Grade                 Jackson Elementary, Salt Lake City, UT                      Summer 1998



Grant Reviewer and Panel Participant, NIEA        Washington, D.C
(August 2012)

Served as a grant reviewer and panel participant for the US Department of Education's new
State Tribal Education Project (STEP)

Graduate Research Project with The U.S. Department of Education, OELA     Washington, D.C.
(Summer 2006)

Worked with
Kathleen Leos, the former Deputy Secretary of Education and Director of the Office of English Language Acquisition
(OELA), to gather data on the systemic evolution within OELA since her appointment by Margret Spelling and her role as change agent
for the process. Conducted multiple interviews with key administrative leaders on her council, attended various meetings both within
OELA as well as the Department of Education.


Graduate Research Project with Dr. Michael Marquardt and the World Institute of Action Learning       Washington, D.C.
(June - December 2004)

Worked with
Dr. Mike Marquardt to prepare a white paper entitled "Action Learning: A Powerful Tool for the Future," comprised of
multiple interviews with key business leaders from Booz, Allen and Hamilton, DuPont, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, etc in
preparation for his
Action Learning Summit October 2004.


Executive Assistant to Utah’s Deputy of Education         Salt Lake City, Utah         
(Sept  – Dec 2001)

Worked as the executive assistant for
Dr. Rich Kendall, Governor Leavitt’s Deputy for Education on a variety of projects and initiatives.
Managed political interns, monitored educational trends, provided research and recommendations on related projects and policies.
Communicated with constituents, prepared agendas, reports, and presentations materials for meetings with state superintendents
and related education leaders


Education Consultant                 Hawaii, Virginia, Washington DC, New York and PA
(May 2004 - August 2012)

Conducted multiple workshops and presentations on Praxis II, III. Language Revitalization and CALLA for certified teachers and
administrators in various districts and states across the country.


Substitute teacher                                                                                       
(Jan 2003 – June 2004)                                                                                        

Education Tutor                                                                                           
(Jan – June 2002)

Private Governess                                                               
(Sum 2002)

Spanish Tutor                                                                                               
(Jan – June 1996)

Wilderness Youth Counselor                                                                  
(Nov - Dec 1996)

After-School Coordinator                                                                            
(Jan – June 1996)

Disability Life-Skills Trainer                                                                         
(June - Nov 1995)

Children's Counselor for Women’s Abuse Clinic                                    
(June 1994-1995)

Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints           
(June 1992 - Dec 1993)


Full-Time Internship for Master's Program (Cohort)            Montgomery County Public Schools

ESOL/SPED Fifth Grade                Kemp Mill Elementary, Silver Spring, MD        Aug 2002-May 2003

Internships for Bachelor’s Program

First – Sixth                                      
Clarke County School District, Las Vegas,        Spring 2006
Second & Fifth                       
          Bloomington Hills Elem., St. George, UT           Spring 1996
Third Grade                                    
 South Elementary, Cedar City, UT                       Nov-June 1995
Fourth Grade                                   
North Elementary, Cedar City, UT                       Sept-Dec 1994


DRA Training                                                                                   
Trained and Implemented
SMART Board Technology            
VGLA administrator                                                    
Language Arts Team Leader                                                     
Compacted Math Instructor (7th grade Math Prep)                  
PLC Team Member                                                         
PBS/RTI team member                                                  
Support & Behavior Intervention Team Member                   
Manuscript Reviewer                                                                     
Web Developer                                                                              
Comprehensive Exam Proctor                                                    
Professional Dev. Summit Committee Rep.                          
Graduate Project for
OELA Conference                                    
Rose Park’s Bilingual Committee Member                              
C.E.L.L Instructor                                                          
Rose Park’s PTA Teacher Representative                            
Fine Arts Committee Chair                                                        
Reading Recovery Training                                                         
Community of Caring Committee Member                               
IPT Administrator                                                             
Elected Education Senator                                                       
SUU Ballroom Dance Team                                                        
Staff Writer for the Journal, SUU school paper                        
Member of Education Club                                                           
Staff Writer for the Liahonna, Institute paper                            
Member of SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise)                         


The National Indian Education Association NIEA

The American Educational Research Association AERA

The Association of Teacher Educators ATE

Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages TESOL

The National Association for Bilingual Educators    NABE

The Council for Exceptional Children    CEC

The Academy of Human Resource Development  AHRD
Montgomery Co. Public Schools and Fairfax Co. Public Schools

KidsFirst, Salt Lake City, UT

Wexner Family (Founder/CEO, The Limited, Inc.), New Albany, OH

Cedar City Public Library, Cedar City, UT

Anasazi Foundation, Mesa, AZ

North Elementary, Cedar City, UT

Iron Parke Corp. Family Support Ctr. Cedar City, UT

Iron County CPS, Cedar City, UT

Corpus Christi, TX (Spanish speaking)
(Jan – May 2009), FCPS, Falls Church, VA
(Sept 2008 - June 2009) FCPS, Falls Church,  VA
(Aug 2007 – June 2009) FCPS, Falls Church, VA
(Aug 2007 – June 2009) Halley Elem, Fairfax Station, VA
(August 2007-June 2008) Halley Elem, Fairfax Station, VA
(Aug 2006 - June 2009), Halley Elem, Fairfax Station, VA
(Aug 2006 - June 2009) Halley Elem, Fairfax Station, VA
(August 2006 – June 2009), Halley Elem, Fairfax Station, VA
(Sept – Dec 2005), Academy Human Resource Development
(June – Dec 05), Policy Institute website, GWU, Wash, DC
(July 2005), George Washington Univ., Washington, DC
(Aug 2002 – May 2003), GWU, Washington, DC
(December 2003), GWU, Washington, DC
(August 1999 - June 2001), Salt Lake City, UT  
(Feb 2000-June 2001), Salt Lake City, UT
(July 1999 – June 2000), Salt Lake City, UT
(August 1998 – June 1999) Jackson Elem, Salt Lake City, UT
(July 1998) Salt Lake City, UT
(August 1997 – June 1999) Salt Lake City, UT
(October 1997) Salt Lake City, UT
(Sept 1995 – May 1996), Southern Utah University, Cedar City, UT
(Winter semester 1995), Southern Utah University, Cedar City, UT
(Fall semester 1995), Cedar City, UT
(Sept 1994 –  May 1996), Southern Utah University, Cedar City, UT
(Sept 1995 –  May 1996), Cedar City, UT
(Sept 1994 –  May 1995), Cedar City, UT
Current UT Teaching License in:                                                                                                                        
Elementary K-6th                                                                                                                                     
Spanish K-12th                                                                                                                                 
ESOL K-12th                                                                                                                                                
Special Education K-12th, Non-Categorical (Mild/Moderate)