Professional Documentation
Recent Professional Presentations
September 2013 - Present

Strengthening the Miccosukee Language Revitalization Program   
NIEA Conference, Oklahoma City, OK
(October 2012)

Co-presented with Dr. Charles Stansfield and Dr. Jill Robbins of Second
Language Testing, Inc. in Rockville, Maryland at the 2012 NIEA conference
regarding the project we worked on with the Miccosukee tribe of Miami, Florida.
The presentation outlined how we collaborated over the course of four months
to create Miccosukee Language Arts and Culture Standards, curriculum maps
and pre and post assessments.

RTI and AEP's: Supporting CLDE Students
The Awsaj Academy, Education City, Doha, Qatar
(May 2011)  

Facilitated a school-wide workshop in which an analysis of the Academy’s
current AEP program was presented to their faculty and staff along with an
overview of the Response to Intervention program and its role in early
intervention services for students with possible learning disabilities. Other
smaller sessions were also conducted with relevant faculty and administrators
regarding the academy’s communication/collaborative infrastructures and
areas in which they would like to see improvement.

Induction Practices  for New Professors             
Brigham Young University-Hawaii, Laie, HI
(January 2011)

Provided an overview of various  "best practices" for incoming professors for
relevant BYU-Hawaii Administrators.

UDL and RTI:  Improving Education for ALL Students        
Brigham Young University-Hawaii, Laie, HI
(September 2010)

Led a School of Eduction departmental discussion regarding the role of the
Universal Design for Learning and Response to Intervention Models for
fostering more inclusive classrooms.

Technology as an Instructional Tool       
Alaska Pacific University, Anchorage, Alaska
(May 2010)

Introduced to related faculty and student various ways that educational
technology can be utilized as a tool to support and enhance learning and
teaching in today's classrooms.

Creating  Effective Teaching/Learning Cultures for Diverse Learners     
College of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina
(May 2010)

Facilitated a  faculty workshop regarding the manner in which Action Learning
and Professional Learning Communities intersect and how they can serve as
tools which can be utilized to influence the effectiveness of teacher preparation

ESL Methods Presentation     
Washburn University, Topeka, KS
(April 2010)

Provided faculty and students an overview of the important role ESL methods
play in the acquisition and development of second language production and
how they can be incorporated into effective lesson planning, instruction and

TESOL/EIL:  A New Learning Praxis      
Brigham Young University-Hawaii, Laie, Hawaii
(April 2010)

Conducted a presentation of the importance of ESL methods and their role in
L2 development with related faculty and students as well as facilitated a
conversation references the evolution of teaching methodologies and
importance of establishing new learning paradigms regarding the manner in
which we prepare future TESOL/EIL teachers.

Effective Teaching for Diverse Learners   
Ft Hays State Univ., Hays, Kansas      
Shawnee State Univ., Portsmouth, OH
(March 2010)

Presented the role that content, process and product play in establishing a
framework for effectively teaching diverse learners to pre-service teacher
education students and faculty members.

Job-Embedded Professional Development          
District of Columbia Public Schools, Washington, DC
(Mar 2010)

Provided a consultative overview for DCPS's Office of Professional
Development of  various systemic job embedded professional development
options that could be incorporated into their current organizational structure for
improved results.

Metacognition: Empowering L2 Learners    
Southern Utah Univ., Cedar City, UT (August 2009)   
Monmouth College, Monmouth, IL   (January 2010)

Facilitated a workshop for related faculty and students on the critical role
metacognition plays in the academic autonomy of our students, especially
those from diverse backgrounds and how we as educators can incorporate
metacognitive strategies into our daily instruction for enhanced results.

Teacher Residency Program            
Columbia University, Teachers College, New York, New York
(November 2009)

Lead a discussion with relevant faculty and students regarding the role of
student teaching internships in teacher learning and development comparing
and contrasting that to the new teacher residency grant Columbia recently
received, providing suggestions and options for systemic infrastructure

Multiple Intelligences Presentation        
Fairfax County Public Schools, Falls Church, VA    
(Mar 2009)

Provided staff development training on the basic tenants for Gardner’s MI
model and ways that the theory could be successfully utilized with the student
 Overview of presentation

VGLA Presentation             
Fairfax County Public Schools, Falls Church, VA
(Jan 2009)

Provided support to team members and related school specialists in
understanding the procedures involved in developing and evaluating VGLA
student binders for their ESL students and various creative suggestions for
improving the process.
 Overview of VGLA

CALLA  Workshop           
Immaculata University, Immaculata, PA                
(July 2006)

Assisted Dr. Jill Robbins in a CALLA workshop presentation for teachers and
administrators at the Governors Institute at Immaculata University, PA

CALLA Workshop(s)               
New York City Public Schools, New York        
(May 2005 – July 2006)

Served as a CALLA Consultative Assistant for
Dr. Anna Chamot and Dr. Jill
Robbins providing multiple (6+) second language instruction training
workshops for various schools (elementary and secondary, English and
Bilingual programs) in New York City’s School District. (Washington Heights
Area - Harlem)
 Description of CALLA training materials

Praxis III Workshop(s)                 
The George Washington University, Washington DC
(Oct 2005, Nov 2005, & Mar 2006)

Provided training to GWU university supervisors, FCPS cooperating teachers
and MCPS elementary and secondary teachers and administrators on the
Praxis III observational tool, a classroom performance assessment system for
assessing the skills of beginning teachers in classroom settings.
 Overview of
Praxis III

Efolio Workshop(s)               
The George Washington University, Washington  DC
(April 2004, April 2005)

Developed and taught a course for M.Ed secondary education students on how
to create their own professional efolios  (a TRED 234 course requirement).  

Student samples: ESOL,   English     Math     ISTE Standards

Diversity Presentation       
Fairfax County Public Schools, Falls Church, VA        
(April 2005)

Provided staff development on differentiation strategies and the role of

in working with diverse learners.  Discussed multiple leading
theorists as well as practical classroom applications.