A Balanced Experiential Approach to Learning a Second Language
Framework for Lesson Planning  (Content)
(CALLA) Cognitive Academic Learning Language Activities   

Teachers and Students will master the material:

ESL Standards       
Content Objectives  (will vary based on grade/county/state/country)
Language Objectives (systems)             
Learning Objectives  (metacognitive strategies)

Framework for Instruction   (Process)
4 Instruction Phases: Preparation, Presentation, Practice, Self -Evaluation

Teachers will provide the instruction:

Balanced Literacy: (reading/writing/listening/speaking activities)            
Effective L2 methods (balancing hemispheres)
Differentiate for
Different Learning Styles
Focus on Learning
Framework for Assessment   (Product)

Students will demonstrate understanding & ability:

Formative (frequent, alternative, performance based)
Summative (end of the unit, formal, standardized)
A New Praxis Framework
Framework for Differentiating Learning

Content     Process    Product     Environment