Areas Of Research Interest
"The essential activity for keeping our paradigm current is persistent questioning. I will use the term inquiry.
Inquiry is the engine of vitality and self-renewal..."
Professional Learning Communities: Improving Student
Learning through Teacher Learning (
Overview of Study)

Effective Instructional Models in Inclusive Classrooms

Creating Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Classrooms

Metacognitive Instruction Learning How to Learn

Educational Technology For Improving Learning

The Learning Continuum: Pedagogy vs. Androgogy

Educators as Change Agents

Effective Supervision/Mentoring Practices

(Pre-service)        (In-service)

Utilizing Formative Assessment to Improve Teaching and Learning
     (K-6)             (9-12)           (University)
Educators must “redesign the workplace so that
innovation and improvement
are built into the daily
activities of teachers…and [adopt] institutional renewal
with new forms of leadership, collegiality, commitment
to, and mechanisms for continuous improvement”
Educators ‘must’ become their own
change agents and active and critical
consumers of their own and others’
knowledge in the context of their own
practices and the changing of these