Organizational Structure

School Culture

Organizational Effectiveness

Areas for Analysis


Look to the Future  

DCPS 5 Year Plan   

My Organizational Recommendations
"The measure of school reform is
increased student achievement.  If
the principal, as instructional leader,
can change the culture of the school
from isolation to collaboration and
embed learning in the daily work of
teachers, then a school can be
transformed into a professional
learning community and ultimately
student learning can be improved
through teacher learning."

– Dr. Deborah Ann Maniace-Ireland
Pieces of the Organizational Puzzle
Transforming Schools:  Where We Are
Transforming Schools
Teaching and Learning
Professional Development
Centralized Data  
Teaching and Learning Effectiveness

Standards, Curriculum and Pacing

Instructional Strategies  

District-wide Academic Interventions
Summative  (DC CAS)