Ideas for Supporting New BYUH Professors
Communication Infrastructure
Centralized Data
Teaching and Learning
Professional Development
Systemic Performance

  • Pair new professors with a more senior faculty member (more than 2
    years but before 'retirement mode') with built in activities such as:
         -doing observations of each other and then discussing the results

  • Schedule observations of professors in other departments who
    exemplify effective teaching for new professors to visit

  • Plan for 3 rounds of student evaluations per semester to get a more
    holistic perspective of new professors (Mid-course, End of Course,
    Next semester) - along with that I would do more of a 360 in general -
    triangulation improves data validity (peer feedback, student
    evaluations, personal reflections, student work samples, etc) but use
    it as a support system not simply an evaluation tool

  • Request student work samples (beyond just tests/grades) thereby
    providing documentation that there is a relationship between what is
    being taught and what students know and are able to do -it holds
    both parties accountable (teacher and student) - and it's been my
    experience that (transparency, communication and accountability are
    all necessary elements in an effective learning/development
    continuum), - I would have this 360 conversation by semester with
    either the mentor or the Chair (Example)

  • Create a forum for both novice and seasoned professors where they
    can share "their favorite project(s)" those they think are yielding the
    most effective results with their students - have this "show and tell"
    every semester - I'd recommend doing this university-wide  

  • More collaboration in general - whether in the departments
    themselves like PLC's but I would recommend experimenting with the
    Action Learning model - it's a different way of analyzing challenges.
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group of thoughtful,
committed people can
change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing
that ever has.

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