Different Ways I've Used Technology
Using Educational Technology as a Tool to Support Learning and Teaching

Reading (Poetry On-Line Scavenger Hunt) (Jeopardy PP Review)
Writing (Publisher Class Newspaper) (Book Wikis) (Hero's On-Line Research)
(Office 2000
Student Made Tests)
Math (Instructional  Sites)  (Review games)
Social Studies (Publisher brochures)
Science (Planet power points)
Multiple Intelligences (MI PP Overview) (Excell MI Test)
Metacognition (YouTube)

GWU (Graduate - Clinical Model)

Professional efolios    ESOL  English   Math
Book discussion blogs
Power point, Prezi, Slide Rocket group presentations
Blackboard (assignments, discussion boards, grades, course materials and

BYUH (Undergraduate - Traditional Model)

Digitally Recorded Micro-teaching UDL Lessons
Exceptional Children PBWorks Wikis and BlackBoard Wikis
Blackboard Reading Discussion Board
On-Line Reading Modules
On-line Assessments
Agenda Power Points
University Samples
K-12 Samples