The main focus of our
class is using
technology as a tool
to support learning
and teaching.
Different Ways I've Used Technology
An Overview of What We'll Be Discussing Today
In my classroom K-6 teaching these are some of the ways I've
incorporated technology into my teaching and learning process

Reading (Poetry Scavenger Hunt) (Poetry Jeopardy)
Writing (Class Newspaper) (Book Wikis) (Hero's Web Research) (Student
Made Tests)
Math (Practice Sites) (dice  games)
Social Studies (Brochures)
Science (Planet Power points)
Multiple Intelligences (Overview) (Test)
Metacognition (YouTube)

In my university courses at George Washington University in
Washington DC, these were some of the assignments my  students
worked on:

Creating their own professional efolios    ESOL    English    Math    
Book discussion blogs
Group presentations using various formats
(assignments, discussion boards, grades, resources)

In my university courses at BYU- Hawaii and at Arkansas Tech
, these were some of the assignments my students worked